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Week 11, 2005

The PDF version of my basic containership list has been taken our as it is too much work to maintain it, in case you want a copy of valid list please contact me. A new area showing all containerships on order by size only has been implemented

Week 10, 2005

Finally is the first ships phots on the server, it is mainly ships from APL, CMA CGM, China Shipping, Canmar and Contship but also some Marsk L and A+C+S class.

Week 1 2005

This is the beginning of this Homepage to the subject containerships, as so many other pages on the web, it is fare from finished, and it properly also contain a lot of mistakes which I have not been able to eliminate. In case you find any mistakes I would be glad if you could inform me, so that I can get them corrected as soon as possible.

It is my plan to update the technical data of the containerships regularly, and if I only update single technical data for an existing ship it will not be announced here, only in case a ship change name or owner it will be announced in this collom.