Links to other Ship photographs

Here you can find links to other interesting homepages with photos of ships, and a little explanation to the page and its content. The listing on this page are not a type of ranking, they are simply arranged in the way I have them on my computer.

Hamburg Portimages

This very nice Page is one of my favirites, my name brother Jan has very many good photos of all types of ships coming to Hamburg, including many containerships. Even if the page was first started beginning of 2003 it is already one of the pages containing most ship photos on the net. The page is updated very regulary mostly 2-3 times pr week, and it is very easy to navigate the page.

This very good Page with a lot of different content, including a big acchive of ship of all types, and with specially many containerships. Most photos are made by the page Members, Marion, Helge and Boris, but there are also a lot of photos from other ships photographs

Ships on the river Elbe

An other page from Hamburg, where Hans-Erich are sailing around on his police boad, and are taking nice and interesting photos of all the ships in the harbour, and off cause there are also a lot of good photos of containerships inbetween. Often Hans-Eric get the ships from interesting angels which are not possible to from Land. Policeman at see is just a dreamjob for a ship photograph.

Ships on the river Elbe

An Page from Dennis Shum in Hong Kong and his nevhevTylor Long in San Francisco Bay area, Tylor has not been so active in the last years, but therefore Dennis is living at one of the most bussy places in the world when it comes to containerships. From his window he can looj just down on the waterway leading to the Hong Kong containerterminals and to Chiwan and Shekou in China.