About this Page

Welcome to this homepage called JS-Containerships

As I for a long time has been interested in containers, Containerships and all the happening in the ports where these ships comes and go, I have decided to make this page about the subject. I have only found a few private pages about this subject, and find that it is time that I also give my input on the Internet.

You will on this page mainly find informationís and photos of/about containerships, but as also other ships types like Bulk carriers and Roll on-Roll off ships are involved in the trades with containers, there will also partly be informationís and photos of these ships types. It can in many cases be difficult to define if a ships belongs to one category or an other. It you look for photos and informationís about other ship types please go to other pages for example some of those mentioned in my link list to other ship photographs.

It is the plan that this page shall give you a as complete as possible view about what is happening in the container shipping world, but with the containerships as the base subject. There are still many subject which can be included on this page, but they will have to wait until I get more time, but if you have additional questions to the subject containers and containerships which are not available here you are welcome to contact me, maybe I already have informationís ready.

Under the link ship list you will come to a list with technical informationís about all me known containerships over 500 TEU, which I find is unique, this list can give you a overview about which ships are involved in the container trades around the world.

If you have additional informationís or photos of ships not presented in the ship photo section then please contact me then I will try and update the page, only in this way can this page be as complete as possible.


About me

Hello my name is Jan Svendsen

I am born and grew up in Denmark where I have been living in different cities, but always near to the coast an a harbor. I have been living in different cities in Germany for the last 13 years, and for the moment I am living in Cologne NRW, not exactly the most interesting place if you are interested in ocean going ships, but on the other side also not so fare away from interesting harbors like Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremerhaven and Hamburg.

My interest for ships started as I was a child, properly at the time where my grandfather took me with him on a trip around the local harbor when I visiting my grandparents, and even today I do not really feel that I have been in a harbor city if I have not been at the harbor, and have a look around.

In the hole time I was living in Denmark I was living near a bigger port, and spend much time being at the seaside relaxing by looking at the ships and the activities in the harbor. And during my studies my interest for ships changed, so that I got more and more interested in a special type of ships and that was the Containerships. I started to read books and magazines about the subject, and my first simpel version of the ship list present on this page was started about 25 years ago.

Later as I started to study, I was studding in the city of Odense in Denmark, this is the city where the company A.P. Moller ( Maersk/Sealand) has there main shipyard, and where some of the biggest containerships in the world are build. Even if was studding mechanical engineering and not shipbuilding, I had many teachers who was part time employed on the Odense Steel shipyard, and much of the education material was in some way related to ships and shipbuilding, which let my interest grow even more.

I was born about the same time as the transport of goods in containers started, and from the first time I sow containers being loaded on a ships I was fascinated by this way of transporting goods, and my interest has been growing since then, so I try to keep track on what is happening in this special field of the shipping and shipbuilding industry. Many experts has described the implementation of containers and special containerships as the biggest revolution in the shipping world.

It looks to me that the development in the size, speed and complexity of containerships and all the investment needed for special ports and terminals are the biggest steps that the shipping industry has ever taken, and it looks like transport in containers will continue its growth around the world, and that the development of ships and ports will continue, so there will be enough interesting thing to observe for us people having containerships and container terminals as our special hobby.

Since I a couple of year ago made my first trip from Europe to Asia on a containership I have also started to take photos of containerships, basically because I wanted to see the ships in nature that I had in my ship list. But with the time the ships photographing has grown to one of my bigger interest, and I have in the meantime got a collection of ships photos that you later partly will be able see on this page.

Since some years I have got a special connection to the city of Hong Kong where I spend most of my holidays, and that is also the reason why most of my photos are made in and around this biggest aund very bussy container port in the world.

Please have fun sharing my interest for Containerships

Jan Svendsen